“Alchemy Geopolymer Solutions is a technology oriented company that combines advanced knowledge in the field of materials science with proprietary installation practices to deliver unique solutions to customers in the heavy industry sector.” Carlos Montes, AGS CT


about us

Alchemy Geopolymer Solutions, LLC, (AGS) has grown out of revolutionary geopolymer research and development performed over the last 10 years at Louisiana Tech University in Ruston, LA. Driven by a team of researchers and inventors in the University’s Trenchless Technology Center, geopolymer emerged as a potential solution to long-standing problems in building, construction, and pre-cast concrete applications.

During the research and development phase, AGS’s management team has built a significant technical and practical working knowledge of the geopolymer material, including its potential applications and product lines. The team has also developed a robust database of the chemical composition of usable fly ash from more than 75 facilities, allowing for quick identification of the correct formula for producing consistent, high-quality geopolymer, using locally produced raw materials, in many locations in the world.

Today, AGS’s intellectual property portfolio consists of three existing U.S. and Canadian patents for geopolymer formulations, and additional patents are pending.

Target markets for AGS geopolymer include:
• Construction operations that are highly time-sensitive (e.g., repairs during shut-down of industrial facilities).
• Construction and repairs of bridges and runways.
• Structures that operate in extreme environments, including oil and gas exploration, refineries, and petrochemical facilities.
• Power-generating stations.
• Seashore and marine installations.

our team

Erez Allouche, CSO

Dr. Erez Allouche is the Chief Science Officer of AGS and is an Associate Professor of Civil Engineering at Louisiana Tech University. He holds the T. L. James Eminent Scholar Chair in Civil Engineering, and is the former director of the University’s Trenchless Technology Center. Dr. Allouche has specialized in advanced cementitious materials for 16 years, authored more than 60 publications on advanced protection systems for concrete structures, and engages regularly with industry professionals across the United States. Dr. Allouche is the inventor, or co-inventor, of 17 U.S. patents, including four in the field of geopolymeric binder systems.


Carlos Montes, CTO

Dr. Carlos Montes is the Chief Technical Officer of AGS and is a Research Scientist at Louisiana Tech University. Dr. Montes is a materials scientist with 13 years of experience in cementitious materials, including 10 years in geopolymer technology. He has also worked as a researcher for the cement industry, collaborating on new product development in the area of specialized cements, including calcium aluminate and calcium sulfoaluminate. He is co-inventor of one patent in the area of geopolymer materials and author of four journal papers and 12 conference articles in geopolymer technology. He has been awarded best post-doctoral researcher of the year (Louisiana Tech University, 2013), Governor's Technology Product of the Year award (Louisiana, 2012), best new construction product (Guadalajara, 2011), and is a co-principal investigator in 10 grants at Louisiana Tech University. For AGS, Dr. Montes is responsible for product development, testing regimens, and providing technical expertise in the field.


Jack Rome, Jr., CEO

Jack Rome, Jr., serves as the Chief Executive Officer of AGS and brings more than 40 years of specialized business start-up, organization structure, finance, accounting and management experience to the team, including service as Chairman, CEO, President and CFO of several companies. Jack also served as CEO of Pathway Surfaces, Inc., a specialty contracting company with expertise in playground, walkway and safety surfaces for theme parks, municipal playgrounds, governmental agencies, corporate day care centers and private customers. Jack is a Certified Public Accountant, and a principal in Crossmark Management Group, LLC, a diversified business, financial and accounting services management company based in Ruston, LA. During his career, Jack has had direct involvement in more than 200 business acquisitions, sales and mergers, with a total transaction value of more than $350,000,000. He is a member American Institute of CPAs, Louisiana CPAs and the Baton Rouge Chapter of CPAs.


Mike Higgins, DBD

Mike serves as the Director of Business Development for Alchemy Geopolymer Solutions and provides executive leadership in the areas of corporate strategy, business development, business start-ups, and sales & marketing management. Mike is the Principal of Strategic Performance, a strategic management and sales consulting company specializing in operating and helping businesses grow their companies. He has participated in growing the revenue for 60 companies in the last 16 years while serving interim roles of President, CMO, COO, Executive Vice President and Vice President of Sales. Mike has gained vast experience in over 25 different industries including all segments of business to consumer, business to business, and business to government.